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Hopefully this Thanksgiving you got to enjoy a wonderful day full of friends and family. Hopefully, you were surrounded by loved ones.

Our Thanksgiving this year… well, we’re still not sure what we’ll be doing. It’s been a crazy fall, we have a crazy-looking winter, and it doesn’t seem that things will be slowing down any time soon. Husbando and I have a large party with nearly 100 people we are hosting the week before Thanksgiving. I don’t see my feet being recovered in time for turkey day. Our meal is on the rocks.

But we have so much to be thankful for.

What We’re Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Giving Thanks for a Busy Season

After dealing with the isolation and lack of celebration during the 2020 Covid season, we’re thankful that we’re getting to see people this holiday! Sure, we’re crazy busy – but I’d rather be busy seeing loved ones than not busy shut up in my house.

Thankful for our Health

For a family so prone to medical crises and emergencies, we are so exceptionally thankful that we are fairly healthy going into the holidays. This Thanksgiving we are grateful that no one has had a hospital visit in the last six months!

Exceptionally Glad we got a Vacation

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Husbando and I had gone years since our last vacation and we are still giving thanks that we were able to go out, not just to the property in South Dakota, but all the way out to Illinois to see our godchildren and some friends. After such a long stretch without a break, we are so glad we got to breathe again.

Filled with Thanksgiving for Our Future

Things for South Dakota are looking good! We have a plan in place. We know what our steps are to get there. Husbando, Grammie, Pops, and I are so thankful for this glorious opportunity and filled with excitement over what is coming in the year ahead.

Grateful for Our Readers

Husbando and I are so thankful for you, dear readers. This blog is a part of our journey, as well as our destination. We’re so thankful that you’re along with us for the ride, and we hope that we have inspired you on your journey.

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