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Thank You for Being Patient

We’ve been insanely busy for the past few months and I wanted to thank all my readers for your patience and understanding during this time. And, I wanted to catch you all up on what we’ve been doing! God works in sometimes crazy and totally unexpected ways and we’ve just been along for the ride!


As you all know, we’ve been anticipating a move to South Dakota for some time and believed it would happen in the late fall – probably October or November of this year. The job market in South Dakota is booming, however, and Husbando and I felt it would be a good idea to at least get his name out there for companies to consider.

Boy were we surprised when a company he’d interviewed with in December came back with another position and wanted to hire him. Immediately. He flew out to interview in person in mid-March and 24 hours later had an offer letter with a start date of the first week of April.

We were totally not ready.

Packing proceeded at break-neck speed and we were able to fit necessities into our minivan before making the trip out. We had nowhere to live and were expecting to be stuck in a hotel for WEEKS if not months. But God always provides.


We rolled into the Rapid City area on April 8th; Husbando having secured a little extra time for us to move out from his new employer. We still had nowhere to live, but we had some feelers out for a couple of different rental homes and apartments. In the meantime we would be staying at our favorite hotel in the area, having used Agoda to book our hotel room. Using Agoda was an absolute life-saver for us! We were able to book a Deluxe King-Size suite which gave us 520 square feet of living space for LESS than the price we’ve paid on a smaller room through other travel sites. Knowing we were going to be living in the hotel for at least two weeks, this was HUGE for us. Saving money and getting more space really made this part of our journey much more tolerable.

Penelope and I settled in for two weeks of hotel living, while Husbando began his new job, starting out at the bottom with training in the company warehouse before moving up into the position he’d actually been hired to do! The work was hard, but he definitely appreciated getting to see how things worked on the ground level – understanding how orders are filled definitely helps explain issues that can happen when orders are created.

Just about day 11 of our hotel stay, we were able to secure a beautiful apartment in a very new neighborhood on the east side of the city. We moved in the second weekend of April. The only problem… our apartment is on the THIRD floor.

Thankfully, we didn’t have much of our stuff with us, only what would fit in the minivan. So we hitched up a rope and built a pulley system for heaving things up the stairs without having to travel up and down and up and down and… well… you get the point.


The first week of May I traveled back to Washington to oversee the packing of our furniture and handle the packing of our remaining things. I watched the movers load it all up. Helped Grammie and Pops get things packed in their motorhome, then loaded up in the pick-up truck, hitched to the goat trailer with MOST of our remaining belongings, and headed back out with Dear Friend on a 23-hour marathon from Western Washington to South Dakota.

Where We Are

We’re still trying to get fully settled and in place, which is why blog posts haven’t been happening, the podcast has been silent, and social media hasn’t seen much of us. BUT! I have a lot of exciting things in the works that I cannot WAIT to share with you! So definitely keep tuned in – content is coming again!

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