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Best Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders

It can be difficult to find just the right gift for the homesteaders in your life, therefore we’ve put together the perfect list of homestead Christmas gifts. Whether just starting out or well on their way, these gifts will bring a smile to the face of your loved ones.

Gifts for Homesteaders from Cultures for Health
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Cultures for Health is our go-to for fermented food starter kits. With their wonderful kits and other products, we’ve done sourdough, our own kombucha, and even yogurt. Pick up some of our healthy favorites from the list below – even gluten-free! One of the best gifts for homesteaders that you can buy this Christmas is a kit from Cultures for Health.

Gluten-Free Sourdough Bundle

Regular Artisan Sourdough

Milk Kefir Kit

Kombucha Starter Kit

Fresh Cheese Making Kit

Make Your Own Yogurt

Lehman Bros. Christmas Gifts for Homesteaders

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We’ve found Lehman Bros. to be one of the best places to pick up homestead supplies – especially since they focus on goods made in the USA before they look at goods that are imported. Not only that, but everything from their website to their customer service reminds us of shopping at an old-school mercantile and that has landed it on our list of places that someday we are definitely going to take time to visit (like the dream of seeing Ree Drummond’s Mercantile in Oklahoma). There is such a wide selection of things that you’re sure to find great Christmas gifts for homesteaders that they will absolutely love.

Cast Iron

Lehman Bros. has Lodge cast iron, a wholly American-made cast iron company and some of the best around. We recommend some pieces here in our post on Must-Have Cast Iron pieces – but here are some others if your homesteader already has the basics!

Cast Iron Reversible Grill and Griddle

Cast Iron Starter Kit – Perfect for Homesteaders just getting started with casts iron.

Square Cast Iron Skillet

Double-handled Round Pans

Food Preservation

Food preservation is a cornerstone of happy, healthy homesteading. These gifts will help any homesteader get off on the right food with food preservation techniques including canning, dehydrating, and even butchering and harvesting.

Ball Complete Book of Home Preserving – a must-have for any homestead.

Basic Butchering of Livestock & Game

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Steam Juicer – I had the pleasure of working with one of these that I borrowed from a neighbor. It is absolutely on my list for as soon as our house is built! It made the most delicious grape and marionberry juice.

Fermentation Set – Pair this with the Kombucha Kit from Cultures for Health! This set has everything a beginning fermenter needs to be successful. We use ours to make kimchi!

Stoneware Crocks – Made in the USA these crocks are the gold standard in fermenting. Whether you’re making pickles, sauerkraut, or any other fermented food, they are the best in the business. Check out the 2 Gallon Crock, 3 Gallon Crock, and 5 Gallon Crock though they certainly have larger sizes available.

A Canning Tool Set is a great gift for a beginning canner. I still use all my tools every single time I run a batch of cans through the canner. Lehman Bros. offers a canning Kit that comes with all the best tools, jars, and a water bath canner with a rack. Everything you or your loved one needs to begin canning today.

Pull together a gift for the aspiring jerky maker in your life with these great gifts:

Food Drying Techniques

Electric Food Dryer

Dehydrator Bible Book

Christmas Gifts from Homestead Honey

One of the best resources I’ve ever found on how to homestead and live off-grid is the resources by Teri over at Homestead Honey. Her real-life experiences are priceless, and her books and courses are so encouraging! Our favorites are:

Guide to Fall Gardening – Find it Here

This is one of my go-to resources for fall planting and she covers so much more than that! It’s digital, with great charts that can be printed out, and is one of my absolute favorites to use!

Creating Your Off-Grid Homestead – Available Here

Our family isn’t planning to go fully off-grid, but we plan to be prepared to survive off-grid if necessary. Teri’s experience building not just one, but two off-grid homesteads while raising a family has given her incredible insight, and the book is full of welcome encouragement. A must-have for any homesteader and a great Christmas gift for homesteaders in your circle.

Christmas Gifts from Tractor Supply


Poultry and Livestock Treats

Your livestock and poultry flocks are a part of the family too! They keep your homestead functioning and provide food and fun all year round. For this reason, make them feel special this holiday season with special treats and supplies from Tractor Supply.

Poultry Treats – Poultry treats are a great way to supplement nutrition during the winter when the ability to forage is decreased.

Livestock Treats


Beekeeping is a unique and different activity that homesteaders can get out and enjoy while improving their homestead. Both honeybees and mason bees can be very helpful and are necessary for ensuring pollination. Tractor supply has some great options:

Simple Hive Kit – This kit comes with the hive, frames, smoker and fuel, hive tool, and brush.

Deluxe Hive Kit – This kit comes with all the accessories plus a veil and gloves to help protect you or your loved ones.

Bee Keeping Gear – Comes with a hat, veil, gloves, and jacket.

Mason Bee Hive – Great for getting started with easy, stingless mason bees!

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