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When a world-ending scenario happens, will you be ready? 

Survivalism is all about being prepared for the worst possible outcome and having the plan, skills, and equipment ready to survive.Instagram Image for Post For some people, this means having a bug-out location where they’ve stored food and other supplies to live off of. Others have built shelters capable of sustaining them for years. While not all people who go into homesteading do so because of survivalism, there is a very broad cross-over. Building your homestead so you can survive off-grid living is a crucial part of this. 

Just remember – You can’t help anyone if you can’t help yourself. 

While my parents aren’t quite as bothered about survivalism and disaster preparedness as we are, they are also relying on us to be prepared. With the health problems and difficulties in protecting my parents, Husbando and I have essentially created a two-part survivalism approach. Much of the research I’ve done essentially tells you to say goodbye to the people who could hold you back because they’d just get you all killed. Maybe they’re right, but we’re hardly going to abandon my parents. Part of our ‘Prepper Plan’ is taking care of them.

Design Your Homestead with Survivalism in Mind

While we’re certainly not going to tell you how to prep or what the best way to survive might be, we’ll bring together all thePinterst Image for Post information we’re using and try to make it easy to follow, understand and use in your own homesteading and prepping designs. Whether you’re planning to bug-in or bug-out, there is so much information out there that trying to filter through it all can be completely overwhelming. Good guides like the Courses and Ebooks offered by Homestead Honey are a great place to start. This couple has built more than one sustainable homestead and their information and guidance is priceless!

Never Forget – During airline safety, you are told to put on your own oxygen mask first before helping anyone else! Apply this same principle to survivalism. 

Many people consider survivalists to be a little bit crazy. They are quite confident that if something were to go wrong that the government would be on hand to save them. Survivalists disagree, looking at examples such as Hurricane Katrina or the continued disaster in Haiti. We understand that to survive, the government will look after itself first and the rest of us second. We also know that, to survive, we have to approach a crisis in the same way. Everyone wants to believe that they will be the person who opens their home to the ragged group of survivors. We want to show compassion and kindness to others suffering. If you’ve planned ahead then you may be able to. But you must be certain you have food and protection for yourself and your family. 

Don’t let anyone tell you you’re crazy. While it may never be a zombie apocalypse, a large enough natural disaster can completely upheave society. You’re not crazy. You’re prepared.

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