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Ways to Use Old Yogurt

Cleaning out your fridge always reveals a myriad of oldy, moldy treasures. Far back in the deepest recesses of your fridge, there may be a solitary container of yogurt; probably plain… in my fridge, it is of the Greek variety. Whether you bought it because you were on a health foods kick, or because that one recipe you used that one time called for a quarter cup of it, this container of yogurt has been languishing. What to do with Old Yogurt Pinterest Image

Don’t throw it out! 

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Yogurt is a cultured food and can last long after its ‘best by’ date. As long as it doesn’t taste bad or have mold, you can use it for a variety of different things including food! We’ve put together a list of ways to work through your old yogurt.

Food Uses

Coffee Creamer

While fresh yogurt might be a little sweeter, you’ll still get some use out of a dollop of plain or vanilla-flavored yogurt if used in place of creamer in your coffee. 

Whipped Cream

Break out the beaters – yogurt can make an excellent alternative to whipped cream, getting light and fluffy but without the risk of overbeating and turning into butter. 

Butter Alternative

Planning on some baking? You can do a one-to-one replacement of butter with yogurt in most cake and cookie recipes. In addition, you can add a little yogurt to any mix to make it just a little moister. 

Dips and Dressings

Depending on the flavor, older yogurt is still a great option for dips and dressings; if they are plain or savory. They can even cover up or take advantage of the slight tang that comes from a milk product that’s a little sour… just like sour cream. 

Meat Marinade What to do with Old Yogurt Facebook Image

Yogurt is a great medium for a spice marinade. It breaks down the muscle fiber without damaging the texture of the meat. This gives you tender, delicious meat. In addition, it helps the spices cling to the meat so that it’s more flavorful when cooked. 

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Non-Food Uses

Sunburn Soother

Plain yogurt can be great for tackling sunburned skin. Firstly, when it’s spread on a sunburn it provides almost instant cool. Secondly, it moisturizes the damaged skin while, thirdly, providing some antibacterial protection. 

Yeast Infection

While men can suffer from the occasional yeast infection, they seem to be more of a problem for women. This little trick, therefore, can be a huge help. A little plain yogurt gently applied to delicate areas can help to rebalance the natural flora of our lady-parts. Yogurt with live cultures should be used since it contains beneficial bacteria, and reintroducing beneficial bacteria will help quickly get rid of a yeast infection. What to do with Old Yogurt Instagram Image

Stomach Soother

Have a pet with an upset stomach? Give smaller pets two teaspoons of plain yogurt and larger pets a tablespoon. It can help to settle a pets’ tummy and avoid nausea due to the beneficial bacteria in the yogurt.

Acne Relief

You can directly apply plain yogurt to the face. If you put it on acne directly and rub it in, it’ll help to get rid of a breakout; providing you use yogurt with live cultures. You can also use it as a face mask. Allow it to dry and it will help soothe and hydrate.

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