Homestead Animals

Animals are a crucial part of the path to self-sufficiency. They provide fertilizer for the garden. They give us food for the family, plus they provide support for your homestead. Choosing the right animals for your homestead can be difficult. You have to take your homestead’s size under consideration and honestly analyze the costs in time, energy, and money. 

A backyard homestead should be able to handle a chicken or two!

If you’re planning to raise homestead farm animals for profit, for example, you have to provide more than just a shelter and proper feed. Healthy, profitable homestead animals require veterinary care, vaccines and parasite control, and space to roam. Besides, when they reach maturity, who is going to handle the butchering? It’s a lot to take into consideration.

You’ll find a lot of information about the best farm animals for self-sufficiency and how to care for them correctly.

Some of the topics we’ll go over are:

  • Transporting Your Livestock

  • Building the Best Habitats

  • Raising Poultry and Fowl

  • Raising Livestock

  •  Heirloom Breed Conservation

We have decades of experience raising chickens and years of experience with ducks and goats. We have a lot of wisdom and information to share. Most importantly, however, we know we still have a lot to learn.

There’s so much that goes into owning and caring for animals, especially if you’re hoping that they’ll be profitable when they mature. From choosing the right size and type of transportation to learning how to design a barn, we’ll explore all kinds of different options. Do you know how to protect your animals from predators, both out in the field and even when you think they’re tucked up safe and sound in the barn? Building a barn is a good start, but after that, how do you protect your animals when they’re out in the fields while still giving them room to roam?

Livestock conservation will keep heirloom backyard farm animal breeds around for generations.

If you’re interested in heirloom breeds of livestock and fowl, check out the conservation posts.  We will focus our animal breed choices on conserving and growing the availability of these endangered breeds of chickens, ducks, geese, and other livestock. We want to be a part of the conservation solution so they can be available for future generations. We’ll share our experiences looking at how to choose the best quality animals, what the breed standards say, and how to get involved in selling and trading high-quality conservation stock.

Breeding your unique stock is a great way to keep up quality lines in your homestead farm animals. But ask yourself, are you ready to have a buck goat trying to break down your barn walls to get to your females? What about how handling an aggressive rooster? Have you ever hatched eggs by hand because your hens won’t brood? When choosing the animals for your homestead, you have to consider these questions. Likewise, you’ll want to know what equipment you’ll need to handle some of these problems. Besides, I’ll share several different methods and techniques that make breeding high-quality animals much more straightforward

It’s not just about self-sufficiency. Make your beginner livestock profitable too!

We’ll explore ways to make your homestead animals profitable – from selling your eggs to bartering for butchering, as well as the different uses for the whole animal. Did you know there’s a market for chicken feathers? Crafters love them! You’re not just limited to the obvious – we’ll look into these different markets and see which ones are worth the time and effort to break into with your hobby farm animals. Above all, we’ll focus on making sure that we base our decisions around what we can reasonably do based on our health and the type of homestead we want to build.