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It all started with my father. One day he told us all he and my mother were embarking on their ‘final grand adventure’. My husband, brother, sister-in-law, and I looked at him like he was crazy. 


“What does that even mean?” My brother finally asked, laughing.
“You two planning to drive off into the sunset?”


My dad has never been one to enjoy crowded spaces. He’s moved us more than once to get away from terrible traffic, and the Pacific Northwest is filling up faster than he likes. My parents’ last grand adventure, he explained, was retirement. They would be moving out to the midwest, where they would build the house they always wanted, raise the animals they always wanted to raise and enjoy their twilight years. 

There was just one problem – my parents’ health.

Here in the PNW, we have a small semi-homestead: a few acres about a mile out of town, and over the past few years, my parents, especially my mom, have struggled to keep up with the place. My husband and I have stepped up to help.  

I’m lucky – my parents and I have a great relationship, and my husband loves my folks like they’re his own. So the decision was made to follow my parents to keep up our role as pseudo-caregivers and support once my husband finished his master’s degree and could financially support such a change. 

 Making the decision to pursue freedom was easy.

 Then the realities started pouring in. 

How could we afford it? We have lots of debt with student loans and credit cards… 

What were our goals when we got out there? Where would my husband work with the restriction of having to stay near my parents? He already commutes 90 miles one way and is adamant that he won’t be doing it after relocating. What livestock could I handle on my own with my health problems? How could I use the excitement of this opportunity to motivate my mom into fighting back against her health issues so the process isn’t too taxing on her? 


The word rings differently in everyone’s ears.
It has a different sound, a different meaning depending on who you are.
It rings no matter where circumstance has placed you.
The soul yearns for freedom, and each of us is on our own journey to find it.

Our Pilgrim Feet is a blog about finding Freedom...

In the words of America the Beautiful,


Oh beautiful for pilgrim’s feet
Whose stern, impassioned stress
A thoroughfare for freedom beat
Across the wilderness
~Katharine Lee Bates

If you’re reading my blog posts, then chances are you’re exploring your own thoroughfare to freedom. Like the with the wagon-trains of old, there is safety and comfort in numbers.
You are not alone. 

This blog will cover topics including –

  • Overcoming Chronic Health Conditions
  • Healthy Eating (even when life is crazy)
  • Improving Finances
  • Homesteading and Old Fashioned Skills
  • Raising Livestock including Poultry and Fowl
  • Relocating with Older Folks
  • Building and Designing a Homestead
  • Financing Construction
  • Survivalism and Disaster Prep

and anything else that comes up as we face the challenges ahead.

Questions? Suggestions?

We would love to hear from you! 
Our content will come in various formats, from regular old blog posts to vlogs to infographics and who knows what else. We’ll update with pictures and stories, sharing wisdom as we tackle the joys and challenges ahead.

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grammie and big jim


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